Travellers info

Visa and Entry Requirements

All visitors coming to Kenya must observe the following:

  • Possess a valid yellow fever vaccination.
  • Possess COVID-19 vaccination Certificate
  • Passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months on entry to Kenya.
  • Visitors who require a visa need to have at least one free blank page in their passports. Failure to this may result in denied entry to Kenya.
  • All passengers arriving and transiting will undergo a compulsory temperature check using a sensor thermometer or thermal scanner.

Climate in Kisumu City

Kisumu City is a tropical climate zone, with the added benefit of bordering Lake Victoria. The City is warm and overcast with temperatures rarely below 61°F or above 93°F. The sky cover by clouds experiences significant seasonal variation over the course of the year with April being the cloudiest while August being the clearest. Chances of wet days in Kisumu City varies throughout the year, with April having most wet days. However, the regular cool breeze from the Lake Victoria and random showers make life beautiful at the lakeside city.


Banking Services

Banking hours are from 09:00hrs to 16:00hrs on weekdays and from 09:00hrs to 12:00hrs on Saturdays. Most banks have Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) accepting various international debit and credit cards – Visa, Mastercard and American Express.


Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange (Forex Bureaus) are readily available within the Kisumu Central Business District (CBD).  Current prevailing foreign currency exchange rates against the local currency – Kshs;

  • 1 US Dollar – KSh. 114.8
  • 1 Pound – Ksh. 152.19
  • 1 Euro – Ksh. 130

Telephone Services

Mobile telephone services are very efficient in Kenya. Some of the main mobile telephone service operators are: Safaricom, AirTel, Telkom and Equitel mobile.


Mobile telephone service providers also provide gateway to internet using 3G and 4G. Cellphone SIM cards are easily available at the cost of approximately USD 1.00. Delegates should note that registration is required for activation. Fixed telephone services are also available at hotels and other facilities.


Time zone

Kenya is within the East Africa Standard Time zone (GMT +3). This applies to Kisumu City as well.



Electricity supply

In Kisumu City, the standard voltage is 240V. However, electric appliances from countries whose standard voltage is between 220V-240V can be used. The power sockets are three-pin, square, type G. 



Restaurants and other Hotel Services

African, Western, Arabian, Chinese, Continental and Oriental cuisines are all available in select Kisumu City restaurants. When dining in Kisumu City, leaving a tip is voluntary but considered courteous. The same applies to tipping hotel porters.



Taxi Services

Reliable taxis are readily available within Kisumu City, including taxi hailing Apps such as Uber, Bolt, Wasili, Little Cabs and Dango are prominently available in Kisumu City.



Business and Shopping Hours

Most businesses generally open from 0800hrs to 2100hrs. However, some shopping malls operate until late in the night while some operate for 24hrs. Delegates who wish to shop may seek advice from their hotels on the nearest shopping facilities.