Ndere Island

Ndere Island

Enveloped majorly in the grassland, the island offers phenomenal scenic views of the Mageta Island to the east, Homa hills to the south and the glance of Kampala in Uganda beyond the south western horizon. The beautiful lake shore is a home to a wide range of animals such as monitor lizards, hippos, snakes, rare sitatunga antelopes, monitor lizards, baboons, water bucks, warthogs, Nile crocodiles, impalas, several fish species, zebras and snakes.

Besides this, there are more than 100 different species of birds that can be found here. Some notable birds found here include grey headed kingfishers, black headed gonoleks and African fish eagles.


It’s a 4.2 km2 park on the outskirts of Kisumu, Its home to Nile crocodile, Impalas, zebras and Hippos. There are also beautiful birds for those who love bird watching.


It is located just northern shores of Lake Victoria, it is an established park opened in November 1986, Ndere means meeting point in the Luo local language. According to folk lore, Kit Mikayi, mother of the tribe rested up near

Ndere after her long journey south down the Nile valley. She found the lush shorelines so pleasing that she and her people decided to stay.