Business Bazaar Booking Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for allocation of bazaar

Conditions of Participation

The participation in the bazaar can only be approved after the receipt of the first deposit and the online registration form duly completed by the vendor. The acceptance of any request for participation constitutes a firm and irrevocable commitment for the applicant to pay the full price of the rental of the space and ancillary costs. Any request for participation from operators that are not part of the aforementioned sectors will be subject to the prior approval of the organizer of the bazaar. In case of refusal of the request to participate in the bazaar, the organizer is not required to justify his decision. In the case of force majeure and the bazaar cannot take place, the request for participation will be cancelled and the sums made available, after payment of the incurred expenses, distributed among the participants in proportion to the sums paid by each of them.

Floor plan and allocation of Stands

The bazaar plan and the allocation of the spaces for the vendors are fixed according to the rules decided by the organizer. In case of exceptional necessity, the organizer may modify the configuration of the bazaar plan before the opening of the bazaar and inform the participants concerned. This change may in no way constitute grounds for the participant to unilaterally terminate his participation commitment.

Stand sharing / collective participation

The official holder of the space agrees to declare the firm or company or organization he is hosting on his space. An additional registration fee will be charged for each business or organization hosted. Only the organization thus declared will have the right to appear on the space and on the bazaar catalogue. The number of firms/organizations hosted is limited to 1 firm per 4 m2 space. Group pavilions are subject to the same rules. The organizer reserves the right to verify adherence to this commitment at any time.

Payment terms

Rental rates for spaces are determined by the organizer in the “Registration form”.

Payment details;

Account NameAccount NumberBank Name & Branch

Attach the proof of payment to the online application form.

Please note that bookings registered will be confirmed only with the payment of 100% of the participation fee.

Withdrawal or payment default

In the case of withdrawal, payment default or non-use of the stand for any reason, sums paid and / or remaining due partially or totally, are definitively acquired by the organizer.

Setup, Furnishing and Decoration of the space

Space setup is carried out according to the general floor plan established by the organizer. The decoration of the stands is done by the vendor under their own responsibility. It must comply with the general terms and condition of the bazaar.

Build-Up and Breakdown of the Stand/Booth

The organizer communicates the schedule of stands/booths set up and construction to the participants one week before the opening of the bazaar. He also communicates to them the stand/booth breakdown schedules. Materials and products on display, should be removed on time.

  • Floor demarcation: provided by the organizer on May 5, 2022 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • Stand/booth build-up: from May 6, 2022 at 8:30 am to May 16, 2022 at 4:00 pm.
  • Stand/booth breakdown: from May 22, 2022 at 8:30 am to May 23, 2022 at 4:00 pm.

In case of non-compliance with the timetable, the organizer reserves the right to make any arrangements to remove the stand at the expense of the offending participant and to demand the payment of damages.

Stand/ Booth damage

Participants must leave the spaces assigned to them in their original conditions. Any deterioration of the stand/booth will be repaired at the expense of the participant.

Materials and products eligible for sale

The products must be in relation to the business sectors specified on the registration form. Special exemption is requested from the organizer.

Reception of products to Bazaar

Transport, handling and reception at the bazaar area of the products to be sold are the responsibility of the participant.

Participants are required to comply with the instructions of the organizer regarding the entry and exit of products. The products exhibited on the stand/booth cannot leave the bazaar area during the summit period, unless special authorization has been issued by the Organizer. The carrying out of goods and products will not be allowed in any case during the opening hours of the summit.

Stands/Booth cleaning

The daily cleaning of stands/booths, aisles and common areas of the bazaar is the responsibility of the organizer. Participants must make sure that their products remain clean throughout the summit. The cleaning of these products is the responsibility of each participant.

Stands/Booth entertainment

Audio entertainment is the responsibility of the Organizer who is the only party authorized to play background music and to broadcast announcements, if necessary at the request of the participants.

It’s strictly forbidden for participants to broadcast any musical background, message or announcement beyond the sound level prescribed by the organizer.

Safety and care of exhibits

The participants should have adequate safety of their space and material therein.


The organizer reserves the exclusive right to publish and sell the exhibition catalog or the official guide to visitors. He may concede all or part of this right, as well as the advertisements to appear in this catalog, to a specialized agency. The information needed to write the catalog is provided by participants under their sole responsibility. The organizer cannot be held responsible for any omissions or errors in reproduction, composition or otherwise that may occur.

Participant Badges and Stickers

The badges giving access to the participants will be issued according to a quota defined by the organizer in the registration form.


The participant must abide by the security measures imposed by the local authorities, as well as the safety measures recommended by the organizer, who reserves the right to check the respect of these measures at any time.

Application of the rules

Failure to comply with the provisions of these regulations may result, after formal notice, in closing the stand/booth of the offending vendor. This is notably the case for non-compliance with security regulations, non-compliance with the arrangement and, nuisance of any kind caused in the vicinity, as well as the presentation of products that do not comply with the regulations listed.

Amendment of rules

The organizer reserves the right to rule on all cases not provided for in these rules and to adopt new provisions and measures whenever necessary.


In case of dispute, the participant agrees to submit his complaint to the organizer before undertaking any legal proceedings. In the absence of an agreement, any dispute arising from these rules shall be settled definitively by mediation. Mediators will decide in equity, within 30 days and their decision will be final.